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Revolution MatReal estate can be pricy in your yoga class or the result of a quick sale, price reduced.  I learned the hard way.  Trial and error = 15 or so yoga mats in my closet, unused, discarded, not withstanding the advertising that pulled me into a purchase.  Not that I’m the most experienced in advising you on your mat purchase, I can share what I’ve learned.  Below are some URLs for sites that sell quality yoga mats and accessories.


Environmentally friendly Prana partnered with my teacher, John Friend, to create the Revolution Natural Sticky Mat.  At 30” x 78”, it’s the largest yoga mat ever.  At a hefty price ($90) and a hefty weight (9 lbs), it’s one I leave on the floor of my yoga room…I am in LOVE with it.  They offer the E.C.O. sticky mat for $ 


Manduka has a delicious guide for selecting the perfect mat based on your preference and need.

The Black Mat Pro is the ultimate in this line – it’s thick, non-slip. One of the most wonderful yoga experiences I’ve ever had was at The Yoga Shop in Park City UT who offers these as their standard studio mat.  It’s such a high quality product it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

They also boast of their eco-mats and lighter versions of the original (a hefty 7 lbs).  You can purchase a standard 71” or an extra long 85” mat for tall yogins.   Prices range from $42 to $85.

Another favorite of mine is the Hugger Mugger Mandara Yoga Mat. It’s the Buick version to the Cadallic Manduka. Find it at for $38.95, $55.95 at or $43 at

Jade Harmony

Harmony Professional and Encore mats made from natural rubber are virtually skid-free and cushiony.  Rather stinky new, their smell wanes when left draped over a laundry rack for a few days. For every mat sold, they plant a tree.  Prices are $59.95 and $65 respectively.           One of the best multi-purpose sites I visited – they offer many name-brand mats – even the original Tapas Mat (a steal at $25.45) – at comparable prices.  Blocks, belts, and accessories seem moderately priced.

Mat Tip – While thick, shiny mats seem luxurious, they often wear more quickly especially under your hands and feet.  They also offer less stability for standing or arm balance poses.  Consider an eco-friendly natural rubber mat for durability and long-lasting beauty and comfort.

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