Let’s Squeet – We’re on Vacation!

Ahhhh, vacation aka an invitation to toss dietary protocol out the window and eat whatever I want.  “Wait a minute, not so fast, Girlie,” I say to myself.  Then add, “I don’t think so…….vacation doesn’t mean you’re in Culinary Sin City.”

Many of my nutrition clients ask how they can enjoy themselves yet not gain weight while having a bit of R&R.  After all, the alcohol river usually flows quite freely, ice cream screams to you, and high fat delectable delights cry out for attention. 

Easy first rule:  Start the day out right – breakfasts of fruit, oats, low-fat milk or yogurt and green smoothies ensure fruits and veggies aren’t forgotten in the play. One salad or a few veggie sides for lunch and dinner round out your 9-a-day.  Oatmeal and Fruit 4

Focusing on fresh fish and other lean protein choices is helpful in keeping energy levels up to par for all day-time activities, especially if you’re doing a lot of walking.  “Junk” foods like hot dogs, french fries, pizza, soda and donuts while tasty will weigh you down and keep you from feeling as energetic as you’d like.

 It takes a bit of forethought for clean foods to make up the bulk of your vacation – then, indulge in a sinful dessert or have another favorite cocktail without guilt!

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