Be Careful What You Wish For – Backbends

For weeks, I’ve reflected on the need for backbends in my practice. I have felt the desire to curl back to open my heart – mostly because I’m afraid if I don’t practice them, I’ll never be able to do them again!

On the long plane ride from Boston to San Francisco last Wednesday, I contemplated this again, secretly wishing one of the four yoga classes I would attend would be a backbend sequence.  

Day 1 – backbends!  I was a bit sore afterwards but thrilled that Jayne cued me to open up more in kidney loop, one of my hardest loops to attain. Joan Cropped

Day 2 – backbends!  I had a private lesson.  Funny about teachers being late here – Jana was subbing and couldn’t find a parking spot.  Since I came all the way from Boston, she practiced with me and backbends called out to her as the sequence to follow. Yay me!  

Day 3 – backbends – “sigh…….,” I whispered to the lovely yogin next to me, “this is my third day of backbends.”  And backbends we did with Wild Thing being one of the first 4 poses after the warm-up.  Here we go……..

We’ll see what today brings in the Castro.  The note on the schedule said, “If you’re not intermediate to advanced, this is not the class for you.”  What do you want to bet we do backbends?  

Be careful what you wish for…….

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