Yoga and Nutrition – A Heaven Sent Match

Bells, whistles, fireworks – it’s your wedding day.  The day you decide to try yoga……and eat an apple and some almonds.

The yoga bride flirts and beckons you to the mat to relax, reduce stress, tone muscles, be more flexible and, of course, get the popular ‘yoga butt.’  Even with all these marvelous attributes, it’s hard to unroll the mat sometimes.  Busy days filled to the brim, sometimes overflowing, with family needs, bosses wanting more, the plants are dying, the car needs new tires, who’s gonna fix supper……sigh.  My first yoga teacher, Elana Johnson in Little Rock AR, said, “Roll out your mat every day and practice at least 10 minutes.  If you’re not feeling better by then, roll your mat up until tomorrow.”  That 10-minute rule opened my eyes because I used to get stumped on ‘home practice.’ I thought it had to be a 90-min power yoga VHS (yes, I’m dating myself) in my living room.  Once I learned 10 sun salutations, 30 minutes opening my hips, or 5 standing poses counted, usually I gave in to the enticement of the mat and kept going!

The nutrition partner – ah, sometimes translated into that 4-letter word – ‘diet.’  Google ‘diets’ and you’ll find diet books are the biggest seller at Amazon.  High protein/low carb like Atkins or Protein Power, RAVE (NO Refined, Animal, Vegetable Oils, Exceptions AND Exercise Daily), Skinny Bitch, South Beach Diet, Candida Diet, The Biggest Loser…….they all have one thing in common.  A beginning and an end.  Not a good beginning for a marriage. 

What if you thought about simply eating in a healthier way – a vow for life – but take it one day at a time? Apples and Pears in Wood

Something really, really simple – goal Day One:  ‘Today I’ll eat fruits and vegetables at every meal.’  Then, after a few days, goal Next Day: ”I’ll take off the burger and fries and supplement the plate with a whole grain like brown rice or quinoa, and low-fat protein, like fish or chicken, tofu or tempeh burger.’  After another few days, reevaluate how you feel.  Hmmmm, interesting concept, isn’t it, to consider how you FEEL? 

Relationships should feel good all the time.  Yes, it takes commitment, hard work, discipline – but the offspring of the marriage of a healthy body, inside and out, is a beautiful conception and so worth the energy.

San Francisco and Yoga – Releasing Expectations

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