Your class today was amazing. The theme totally penetrated and in a sweet subtle way. The sequence was exactly what I needed. I love that we can work hard, but slowly. Slow and flowing suits me best these days. I felt completely balanced, as though I went to a great chiropractor, super therapist, and a rest from strain on a physical and emotional level. Thank you very much. You are the best.

“Your yoga classes changed my life. I don’t know why but I felt so touched in your class. For many years, I have blocked myself from receiving the gifts this world has to offer because I was so full of fear of people and this world. I couldn’t control it even if I wanted to, but yoga changed me. Yoga tells me to be gentle with and not criticize myself. Yoga helps me to hear my internal voice and love and accept myself to a degree that my conscious mind could not do. Sometimes I feel that while I do not understand my fear, I somehow understand it without reasoning.

One day in yoga class, you asked how many of us felt we are not worthy to be loved. I was surprised you asked such a personal question so directly, and also surprised that many people raised their hands, just like me. I felt tears flow down my cheeks. For so many years, I haven’t loved myself and perhaps unconsciously thought I was not worthy to be loved. You said we do not need to search for love, but search for what’s blocking us from love and being loved. Yoga practice helps me to slowly learn to love and be loved.”

It’s been a year since I practiced yoga and I appreciated the opportunity to reconnect with yoga and feel safe and encouraged to explore movement again. The mind body connection rewarded me for days following the Yoga for Mindful Eating workshop. F.C.

Diana is an extraordinary teacher.  She not only helped me continue to practice and learn yoga, she also helped me expand my sense of gratitude and practices of self-compassion and being present. She teaches with joy and appreciation in the most grounded and real way; there is always laughter and warmth in her class.  She is a very gifted teacher who knows her stuff.

In the Yoga for Mindful Eating day-long workshop, I didn’t expect to feel so vulnerable and so safe at the same time. It was scary at first to think that the parts of me involved in disordered eating won’t leave but refreshing to know they will always be a part of me and may change the role they play to one that’s more supportive. ~M.T.

I schedule my work around Diana’s yoga class twice a week. As a passionate amateur runner, Diana’s classes protect my body against running injuries. Her knowledge of yoga and body mechanics is exceptional, and I always trust her completely. As a teacher she is grounded, spontaneous, respectful, irreverent, generous, funny, and kind. I could go on and on about all of the benefits I experience as Diana’s student…..but here is the crux of it: on yoga days, I am happy.

In the Part of me is Fat daylong workshop, my expectations to be challenged and introspective were met. Yoga helped connect me back to my body. The teaching and sharing parts are of the workshop were scary at first, to be so vulnerable, but I felt such relief and release afterwards.

In the Part of me is Fat workshop, I was so nervous at first and quickly became comfortable with your guidance and the safety you provided. At times, I was emotionally overwhelmed and tired but it was all good to acknowledge my parts involved in my eating. Definitely want to continue this work with you one-on-one.

The experience of the daylong workshop exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed the strong behavioral component of the IFS model as I gained a greater understanding of my emotions and how to deal with and experience them in a productive way.

Today’s yoga class that focused on reducing stress in our lives was luscious.  The calm during and at the end set the tone for my whole day.

Diana’s yoga class strengthens my body, heart and soul. Under her guidance, my posture and balance have dramatically improved, and my outlook on life is brighter than ever. Her warmth and knowledge inspire her students to become circles of friends learning, laughing and stretching together.  Diana is an extraordinary teacher of grace, strength and beauty.

Wow, what a great class this morning! I honestly think that being in your classes has expanded my capacity for joy and gratitude. After so many years of many kinds of yoga, just this year in your class I began to get that “opening the heart” was not just a metaphor, that I could learn to more fully open my heart, and that every open-hearted posture moves me forward in that direction.

I want to thank you for the warm lively awareness of all the musculature up and down my ribcage.I just love experiencing muscles to which I’ve been oblivious. It’s so thrilling to have them aglow after class. You’re mixing it up SO dynamically. So fresh. So unexpected. Thank you for the tangible support you offer so artfully. I had a warm pleasant unselfconscious playful moment with a yogini in class. That’s the gift of you of inviting us all in to the inner door of connection.

“Thank you for the most incredible yoga class last night.  I wanted so much to stay and express my gratitude in person, but I couldn’t talk without bursting into tears (so dramatic).  But thank you…as always, it was exactly what I needed. It is deeply inspiring to be your student and to witness you living life with such loving purpose. Thank you for always sharing so much goodness with your students.  We benefit in ways you cannot imagine.  Also, thank you for being who you are in the lesbian community….it is really strengthened by people like you who can walk a path of such love and light. There is a consistency in your teaching and your daily living, that I admire immensely.  So, thank you for being you.”

“First and foremost, I want to extend a hearty thank you for your teachings.  Physical movement after Sunday Restorative could best be described as gentle bouncing along the face of the earth with a silly grin plastered on my face.  What a feeling!

And despite missing your guidance, your departure was a lesson itself.  Thank you for reminding us that we practice in the studio to help us live a balanced and full life in the outside world.  That prioritizing and strengthening our relationships includes compromise.  And that compromise sometimes entails change, allowing for opportunities to help us grow.  You are a treasure to those who get to learn from you.

Head bowed in gratitude.”

“I want to thank you for this morning’s class. It unleashed for me lots and lots of quiet joy and gratitude. I think it’s always a surprise — you think you’ll lose something valuable if you let go of blame, but what you lose is smallness. What you gain is freedom and expansiveness.Thank you!”

“I cannot describe in words how your presence in my life has been like a gift. Your yoga classes are more like teachings in world wisdom. Thank you so much for everything, especially our last nutrition consultation!”

“Dear Garden Goddess, Thank you for this morning’s Heavenly Blue session. You let us see that yoga can be like a morning glory and climb from the body into the heart-soul. Because my joints as so stiff and my essential tremor so annoying, I’ve thought about giving up yoga because so many asanas are so hard to embody. Your session this morning convinced me otherwise. Whatever I can do is enough, and as the morning moved on, I slowly become less stiff – thanks to your gentle guidance.”

“As I talk to your yoga students after class, they all agree you are the best yoga teacher anywhere. Mostly I think it is about your opening statements. What you say goes right to the heart and we carry those words for the rest of our week. Your students will often say……”What Diana says is just so energizing. It makes you feel like a new person. I just hate to miss a class.” You are indeed a very special person. I am so glad that you are in my life.”

“Your messages of ‘Open to Grace’ and ‘Let go of old hurts’ are bearing precious fruit in my life – a renewed willingness to communicate fearlessly (less fear… not NO fear!) with my truer and  more complete self and to ‘be out there’ in a shoulder stand or a conversation.”

“Diana makes me believe I can do things I have never had the courage to do before. I leave class feeling like I had a workout and a full body massage.”

“Diana has excellent knowledge of yoga — she’s very enthusiastic and approachable, and extremely encouraging. She gives strong instruction and sets the mood of the class well. Classes are challenging but Diana offers modification to poses if needed. Definitely spiritual…”

“Your stories and the comments from others (Yoga for Mindful Eating series) are so helpful in allowing me to see a variety of perspectives. It is like beautiful prisms of light. We are all providing different colors of light that create a kaleidoscope of clarity.”

“Amen! I just want to get rid of all the junk I’ve collected in my metaphorical closet to make space for what I really want to have in there, including empty space! (Comment related to cigarettes, alcohol and not-good-for-me foods received during a pre-cleanse I led.)”

Good Measures