What do you really want?

  • Understanding
  • Empathy
  • Validation
  • Support
  • Strong, structured strategies
  • Intentional thought, action and behavior changes
  • Action plans
  • Accountability
  • Clarity around goals and achievement

As you can see, a personal life goal that includes food choices that give you drive, spunk, power to reclaim your greatness, along with a physical activity practice that invigorates and allows you to thrive, soar, and roar, plus stress-reduction techniques that fill you with exuberance, vivaciousness and sparkly sensations is a bit easier to attain that you thought.

Become a master of behavioral change!

You and me? We become collaborators to partner on this journey toward the change you’d like to see. As your nutritionist, I will provide a safe environment for you to see yourself as clearly as I see you. I will listen to you, ask focused questions, acknowledge your gifts and strengths, reflect your fears and doubts, and challenge you to move toward the goals you set.

I may ask you to dive into more intentional thought, action, and behavior changes than you would have asked of yourself. Together, we consistently clarify goals and barriers, reveal results, and identify gaps between where you are and where you want to be.

We’ll create a strong strategy and action plan to move your nutrition, activity and stress management closer to where you’d like to be.

I’ll offer you the structure you seek, the accountability you desire, and support necessary to ensure sustained commitment.



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