What are you hungry for?

What are you hungry for?

We all have parts that manifest ways to help us navigate through life. Some parts manage their way into roles of depression, anxiety, fear of abandonment, or unhappiness. Food behaviors develop due to external elements out of our control. Compulsive overeating, binging, restricting calories, and abusing exercise are some behaviors parts exhibit as they try to help us hold it together.

This workshop demonstrates a process to release the meaning placed on negative experiences that led to the dysfunctional behaviors. It offers a different taste perspective so you can successfully integrate what you really know about nourishing food and pleasurable activity in a way that doesn’t make you feel crazy.

You’ll explore impulses, urges, emotional eating, and old behaviors around food. With a clearer understanding of how your parts are involved, you’ll renew our relationship with food by freeing old habits, patterns and beliefs that no longer serve. An inner conversation begins that leads to the establishment of a peaceful and joyful relationship with food that becomes more harmonious and Self-led.

With yoga, you’ll mindfully explore senses within the body you may no longer love. You’ll play, pause, and begin to feel at home within. Interactive discussion, IFS-informed meditations, activities and journaling support paying attention to all the parts of you intertwined in your relationship with food. You’ll connect to the inner healing of Self to regain an energetic balance in your system.

*No Yoga Experience Required*

Early bird registration ends May 4th so register early to save your spot!
May 12, 2018 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Together let’s
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sustainable and
long-lasting action
plan to banish
habitual dieting.

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