Introduction to Internal Family Systems (IFS) for Nutrition Professionals

Introduction to Internal Family Systems (IFS) for Nutrition Professionals

Upcoming all-day experiential workshops:
April 1
November 4

6 CEUS for RDs

The IFS therapy model is a powerful paradigm for working with eating disorders and disordered eating. This evidence-based therapeutic intervention is used by a wide range of professionals including psychotherapists and registered dietitians. Molly Kellogg and I have offered this workshop since 2017. Feedback has included a renewed excitement to help those struggling with food and body issues with a commitment to begin using the IFS concepts right away.

We are delighted to offer a one-day virtual workshop with pre-recorded didactic as a complementary prerequisite. If you are curious about this model or already know you want to employ it in your practice, this workshop will give you a deeper understanding and boost your confidence to apply it. Those who share care with therapists who use the IFS model will gain perspective to coordinate care more smoothly and effectively.

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Not ready for the one-day live program?

Course to Introduce IFS to Nutrition Professionals

This is a prerecorded 3-hour program available immediately upon purchase.

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April 1, 2022 - November 4, 2022 All Day Event

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