Chia seeds – not just for show and tell

A long-time friend came over for dinner and brought dessert. She dug into her bag and withdraw a Mason jar filled with brown, gelatinous, wriggly matter. ‘Lordie,’ I thought, ‘this is going to be very interesting.’ Well, shut my mouth. I asked for seconds. Really. Served with fresh-from-the-farmer’s market strawberries…
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Learning lotus

Being in that space in time in my life where meniscus tears seem to be overriding my knee health, I found this video impressive. Watch it more than once. Practice. Christina Sells is clear about movements through the joints required in lotus.    
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Heart Health Italian-style

Ciao Friends (ciao, I found out, is a greeting reserved for close friends and colleagues)! Most people are driven to Italy for the rich history within the Vatican, Basilica, Sistine Chapel for Michelangelo’s paintings, St. Peter’s Square and Michelangelo’s David in the Accademia Gallery. Me? My two weeks in Italy…
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