Garden goodness

Garden goodness Garden goodness means a foundation of freshly picked green lettuces, like arugula and green and red leaf lettuces, tossed in a dreamy and light red wine vinaigrette (anything too heavy drowns out the simplicity of the taste of the young greens) and topped with a satisfying bean salad…
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Need breakfast to lose weight? Maybe not!

Smoothie time For years, weight management experts have staunchly promoted eating breakfast (I prefer to call it your ‘morning meal’) as a mainstay of a weight loss diet. Well, hold onto your hat, Honey, it may not be so. A recent study, while linking breakfast skippers to being overweight (that’s…
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Winter blahs

I have a confession to make. I’m over winter. Done. Kaput. Finished. New England winter has been belligerent and very slow in saying ‘bah-bye.’ Don’t get me wrong, I adore cold, crisp, white air winter. Just not THIS long. My purple tea kettle and fancy tea cup called out. Really, I was…
Ayurveda, Spices
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H.E.A.R.T.Y. ways to Heart Health

Halt the Salt! H: High blood pressure is a major risk factor of heart disease. Approximately 1 in 3 people who develop high blood pressure can blame a high sodium (salt) diet. For some, excess sodium causes the body to hold onto extra fluid and that puts a burden on…
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Get on track to heart health

February is the heart-shaped holder of Valentine’s Day. It’s also National Heart Month. Can’t have a loving heart unless it’s healthy. So let’s talk about disease and death first. Then, the good stuff, and no, that’s not chocolate About 600,000 Americans die each year because of heart disease. That’s 1…
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