Dreaded meal planning

Dreaded meal planning

I'm so excited to share this blog post by friend, colleague, and new Mama, Marci Evans. Please enjoy! Is it just me or do any of you dread dealing...

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Roots rock!

Roots rock!

One of the biggest challenges my clients face is meal planning. "Oh, what do I make for dinner?" they lament. They get wary of coming up with new...

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  Diana Dugan Richards

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    • Binge eating, compulsive overeating, emotional eating, restriction and under eating, stress response eating, food addiction, yo-yo diets
    • Moving away from 'Should' and 'Should Not' binary thinking
    • Healing the conflict between mind and body and body image concerns
    • Accessing inner wisdom despite external culture influences

Together let’s
design a
sustainable and
long-lasting action
plan to banish
habitual dieting.

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