About Diana Dugan Richards

As a registered dietitian and nutrition therapist certified as an Internal Family Systems practitioner, my intention is to create a safe and sacred space where rich and transformative work occurs. My years of yoga training and practice coupled with IFS have gifted me with an ability to lay a foundation of curiosity and compassion for clients. From this springboard, clients find permission to discover their own eating philosophy and beliefs resulting in personal empowerment around food and their body image, shape, and size. My approach is to gently move away from active dieting and external programs and lean toward the innate intuition and wisdom that can be found within all of us.

Peace with food and body is essential to well-being and attainable when approached with creative process and connection. It’s of utmost importance that everyone I work with feels seen, heard, and understood.

I recognize that social inequalities influence how we relate to food and our bodies. As a cisgender, white, lesbian woman, I continue to wrestle with how the lenses I look through have shaded my own beliefs about food and body. As such, I aim to help dismantle the beliefs our parts take on about ourselves because of current harmful systems. I’m committed to providing weight-neutral, body affirming care for everyone and strive to offer support to people of all sizes, races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, immigration statuses, and disability statuses.

It is an honor and privilege to walk along the path with my clients as they seek their own individual truth and authenticity. Clients and the yoga students I’ve known for years have been my deepest and strongest teachers and I continue to learn and seek expansiveness within.

I’m a professional member of the Multi-Service Eating Disorder Association (MEDA).

I reside in the metro Boston area.

Professional Contributions

  • Today’s Dietitian professional magazine, Top Questions Clients ask RDNs about Vegetarianism
  • Vegetarian Nutrition Toolkit (Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, Veg Nutrition Evidence Analysis Library)
  • Integrative Medicine textbook, obesity chapter
  • Clinical Guidebook on Overweight and Obesity, dietary therapy chapter
  • Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism ad hoc reviewer
  • Secretary, ADA Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group
  • ADA reviewer for the Weight Management DPG newsletter
  • ADA’s Evidence Analysis Library Vegetarian Workgroup
  • Obesity Research poster
  • MA Dept. of Public Health’s Betsy Lehman Center for Patient Safety Expert Panel Executive Report for weight loss surgery.


Topics include IFS in nutrition counseling, motivational interviewing and dietary recommendations:

  • Internal Family Systems for Dietitians
  • Center for Self Leadership IFS Conferences
  • Harvard Medical School Obesity courses
  • New England Centers for Obesity Research and Education
  • Merck Pharmaceutical (Germany)
  • Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Heart Health
  • American Dietetic Association Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management Certification programs
  • Boston University’s Sargent College
  • Boston University School of Medicine