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Night owls and morning movers

Monday, August 15th, 2011

My last tip of the week spoke to night owls weighing more and being less healthy than those who get a good 8-9 hours of sleep every night. Sleep patterns weigh heavily (pun intended) on our hormonal distribution of ghrelin and leptin, those molecules that signal hunger and fullness. Less than optimal sleep means these boogers are groggy and not responding as and when they should, leading to excessive hunger and not recognizing fullness in time. Plus, sleep deprived folk tend to eat less fruits and veggies and way more starches and sweets. Hence, weight gain that leads to heaviness of mind (again, pun meant).

Now, this week’s tip reveals morning exercisers (vs afternoon and evening, the time when most ‘work-away-from-home’ folk tend to get to the gym) sleep longer and have lower blood pressure.

Curious, isn’t it, that sleep and when we choose to move is so all time important to our body function and metabolism?

You can slowly adapt to a longer sleep pattern by reducing stimulation in the evening, and as the night progresses, dim the lights, cut off the TV, read something pleasant while sipping a mug of warm milk sprinkled with cardamom or ginger with a spoonful of honey. Aim for getting to bed before 10pm so you can pleasantly arise at 6am, just enough time to get to the gym for circuit training, do a yoga class, or step outdoors for a walk or run. Tell me if this doesn’t make you feel better – I really want to hear your experiences. I dare you to see if more sleep and morning exercise lead to vitality, vim and vigor because so far, I haven’t met one person who could say it didn’t!

4,800 Calorie Burger – What-a-Burger!

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

What has enough calories to fuel a 200 pound man for nearly 2 days? The Michigan Whitecaps’ Fifth Third Burger, that’s what! Add fries and a couple of beers and that man will live for 3 days.

The Fifth Third Ballpark, in an attempt to create a buzz among the fans at the concession stands, has created a monster. A burger with 4,800 calories, it’s loaded with 5 beef patties (I’m positive they are not low fat), 5 slices of American cheese (more fat and salt), extra nacho cheese (more fat and salt), nearly a cup of chili (more fat and salt), and large amounts of salsa (there’s the vegetable, oh, but with lots of salt), sour cream (more fat) and corn chips (more fat and salt) – all on an 8-inch bun (wanna bet it ain’t whole wheat?). Cost (at the ballpark): $20. Real cost with a side of Lipitor: Unaffordable!

PCRM (Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine) dietitian Susan Levin is asking the Michigan Whitecaps to put a label on the burger that eating meat is associated with increased risk of heart disease, cancer and death. AND, she asked them not to sell the burger to people under 18.

I hope they take that advice – and take this burger OFF the menu.