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Food fight – ease pain naturally

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Inflammation is a buzz word in nutrition circles. It’s our body’s natural process of healing. Yet, chronic inflammation, a subtle and steady current of immune cells flowing through your body, leads to cancer, arthritis, diabetes and heart disease.

It’s tricky. It creeps up on you. Always on the DL. It doesn’t give signals that it’s hanging out in your tissue wreaking havoc on your health. Until you feel pain. Ouch says the knee when running or shoulder as you reach for a plate in the cabinet. Turning over in the bed, creaky low back squeaks.

Who invited inflammation to rob you of vitality? Perhaps you did. If I was elegant, I’d say you made ‘poor food choices.’ I’m not today. So I say crap. Food that sucks the life out of you. Oh yeah, tastes great. But crap is like inflammation. It conceals itself as ‘real’ food. Like refined starches:

  • breads
  • bagels
  • cereals
  • boxed macaroni meals

And sugar:

  • soda and sugar-sweetened beverages* (iced tea, Snapple)
  • candy
  • some chocolate, desserts, Twinkies)

Yeah, saturated fats, too:

  • fatty beef and pork
  • coconut oil
  • processed food containing palm oil
  • trans fat (margarines, shortening, processed foods – although 80% of trans fat has been removed in our food products, it’s still there)

The Mediterranean diet – mucho fruit, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fat + fish and at the same time ditching refined grains, red meat, processed foods (anything you didn’t make yourself) – cleans up inflammation substantially.

Here’s the down and dirty list for foods that fight pain (in addition to cleaning up your plate): (more…)

Thriving in life – nutrition guidelines to prevent and heal disease

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Howdy! This is the 2nd blog from my beautiful friend, Elisa. You met her just one blog back. She is a dietitian, vegetarian, and oh, yeah, she has lupus. Making lifestyle changes with or without disease is challenging. If you have what it takes, here you go! This is rich, full, juicy, and challenging but oh, so, so, so healthy for you. (NOTE: this blog is NOT just about autoimmune disease – we should ALL be concerned with inflammation in the body, which is the basis of ALL diseases.) Go ahead, read it………

Once officially diagnosed with lupus in 2008, I wasted little time heading straight to my computer.  I typed into the search engine: “lupus,” “lupus treatment,” “lupus nutrition,” and so on…

I recall doing this repeatedly pre and post diagnosis, but I didn’t find anything useful at the time – no matter the phrases I typed.  Perhaps my cyber search skills were lacking, but I couldn’t believe there weren’t more non-pharmacological facts out there.  It seemed, at least then, that I was destined to use the meds prescribed.

Naturally, when I created my blog – I did so with the intent to provide more specific, useful information to those of us with an autoimmune condition seeking answers.  I recently realized, that if I want EatUrVeggies to show up in the search engines where people can benefit from the info, then I’m going to have to spill the beans!

Here’s what I encourage autoimmune (AI) patients to do in order to:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Minimize symptoms
  • Enhance energy and activity levels
  • Decrease overall body weight (therefore reducing inflammation in the body)
  • Prevent other diseases from manifesting
  • Improve overall health and well-being
  • Potentially pause, if not reverse the disease process

I’ve assembled this information based on physicians’ patient experiences, patient reports and my own success in living with lupus.

I believe it’s all worth considering and implementing to see if it makes a difference for you.

What do you have to lose?!

Many people are intimated by these guidelines and what they perceive as too many limitations.  However, those of us who’ve been desperate enough to give it a fair chance, those of us who’ve eventually learned to embrace the lifestyle – those of us emerge with a new-found appreciation not only for our restored health, but also for an altered perception of food and it’s true intent: to nourish us.

So check it out, it’s not soooo bad.  If you want to take baby steps, start with number one below.  That’s the number one priority. Once you master that, work your way down the list over time.  If you want guidance and encouragement through this process – consider working with me or Diana one on one, but only if you’re willing to do whatever it takes. (Elisa doesn’t like working with wimps.)

With that said, anytime you change your diet, exercise, medicine or supplement routine – it’s a good idea to seek guidance and wisdom from a physician or a credentialed healthcare practitioner who’s goals are in line with your own.

If you have an autoimmune disease and you’re reading this now, I thank YOU for your strong spirit, to keep searching for answers, to do what you did to get to this page. Here. Today. (more…)

Go Nuts for a Happy Heart

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

When it comes to nuts, bow in respect of King Walnut. Abounding in healthy omega-3 essential fatty acids, walnuts are cardio-protective, promote better cognitive function, and have anti-inflammatory benefits for asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, eczema and psoriasis.  

Walnuts also contain the antioxidant compound ellagic acid, a known cancer fighter and support for the immune system. But that’s not all – in a 2003 study in Phytochemistry, researchers identified 16 polyphenols in walnuts, including three new tannins, with antioxidant activity so powerful they described it as “remarkable.”

Walnuts are incredibly healthy for the heart. A 2004 study in Circulation found that when walnuts were substituted for about one-third of the calories supplied by olives and other monounsaturated fats in the Mediterranean diet: (more…)