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Kids and Junk Food

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

It amazes me what propels researchers to research – even the ‘duh’ revelations they arrive at that may seem trivial, but I’m glad they do it. “We found that when you take soda and high-fat snacks out of schools, students did not compensate at home,” reports Marlene Schwartz PhD, head researcher in Connecticut.

Good to know! One of my observations was recognized in this study – our society has created easy, cheap, and convenient ways to eat unhealthy food and it seems like the NORM. It’s NOT. School is where education prevails – let’s band together to reduce junk food in schools, even to the chagrin of food industry who seek to build brand loyalty and schools who make money on their attempts.

www.todaysdietitian.com, december 09

Weight Loss Initiative – by Junk Food Giants

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

I almost fell out of my chair and bonked my head when I read that food giants, like Nestle USA, ConAgra Foods, Kraft Foods Inc. and Mars, Inc. – as well as Coca-Cola Co., PepsiCo Inc., Hershey Co., Sara Lee Corp are banding together (oops, does that sound like a weight loss surgical procedure?) to fight childhood obesity?  Well, they aren’t leaving adults out of the picture but say they will provide more effort towards the kids, who by the way, love junk food and Coke. Oreo and Junk Food

The bonking part came after noting that eating less junk food may – or may not – be part of their answer to the problem AND that they are not obligated to improve the health of their products or change portion sizes.  Isn’t it amazing that reducing junk food isn’t an initiative – I wonder why that is?  (more…)