_DSC2631Yoga therapy takes us back to the original roots of yoga. One teacher. One student. Teaching the mind to connect to the body to find stillness. Holistic wellness.

Benefits of one-on-one yoga therapy

  • Promote recovery from anxiety, depression, poor self-worth, addictions and eating disorders.
  • Improve health or physical limitations and assist in recovery from an injury or illness.
  • Build strength, balance, confidence and flexibility both physically and emotionally.
  • Develop healthy circulation, cardiovascular health, digestion, metabolism.
  • Lower risk of chronic disease.
  • Reduce stress and mental fatigue, improve concentration and productivity, and promote restful sleep.
  • Open connective tissues to release chronic pain.
  • Enhance your relationships—with food, friends, and loved ones.

As you can see, a personal yoga practice subtly penetrates all the multiple layers of you — your physical body, breath body, emotional body, energetic body, and spiritual body (your Self).

Choose Namaste Nutrition for the highest level in quality of instruction, professionalism and reliability. Sessions are at 23 Main St., 2nd floor, or one-on-one through Skype.

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