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My Yoga Philosophy

As a near competitive body builder and group-ex teacher, I knew I needed a ‘softer’ approach to physical activity as I got older. My first yoga class when I was almost 40 was the most challenging physical feat I’d attempted! Yoga grabbed my attention and transformations occurred at every level of my being – I became less judgmental, more tolerant and forgiving.

I searched for a teacher and felt intensely drawn to the heart-opening Anusara® style of Hatha yoga. After training for a year with Deb Neubauer in 2002, I taught as an Anusara-Inspired® teacher for over 10 years. You can now find me registered at Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour Hatha yoga teacher.

It’s imperative that I teach from a dynamic and passionate platform that offers optimal alignment and balanced energy so that you feel safe and trust in your abilities. Through a grounded and committed foundation, we open our hearts to be fully present and to live from that place every day. We use our body to explore a deeper understanding of who we are at our essence. The answers to all our deepest longings and desires are there. If we become quiet, and listen, we hear them.