It’s Time to Retire the Skinny Jeans

about-diana-cullum-duganNutrition feeds the body, yoga feeds the soul.

As you pop out of bed every day feeling alive with vital energy and stamina from a new way of eating, I get excited. When you retire your skinny jeans and feel comfortable in your own skin, toss out your blood pressure medicine, lower your cholesterol, drop a couple of pounds, and finally do that one challenging pose you thought you could never do, I share that amazing accomplishment with you as if it were my own. I rejoice with you.

Namaste Nutrition was born in 2007 when the stress of my job was out of control. Nothing I did to find balance seemed to do any good. Being a boss, having a full patient load, managing clinical research trials, and giving talks churned like a tornado inside — even teaching yoga classes couldn’t cut through the dizziness of chaos.

I concluded that I needed more yoga — and you. You – someone just like me, living a crazy busy life, seeking tranquility yet finding it evasive at every turn. Somehow, I had to bring you to light.

For many of you, digging up time for exercise and healthy meals is hard, especially when life is topsy-turvy. Changing our ways and stepping out into the unknown is scary – we make sense of our world through our history that’s often filled with many attempts that didn’t work. With Namaste Nutrition, harmony, encouragement and order are accessed by integrating mindful and healthy eating and yoga techniques.

Tell me your challenges and we’ll develop a plan to overcome them. Share with me your dreams, and we’ll awaken them. Make known your success, we’ll hug.

From 1985, when I’d press Pause/Play on my dual cassette boom box to catch the “3 in a row” songs on the radio for my aerobics class in a church fellowship hall (Reebok had just created the first aerobic shoe) to being of service to you has been a life-affirming transition.

Namaste Nutrition offers: nutrition therapy, weight management, meal planning skills for successful transition to a healthy diet, and yoga sessions, group yoga, Yoga for Mindful Eating series, and nutrition classes.

Email and phone support is included.

Learn more details about my nutrition services and find words of encouragement from previous clients.

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