Diana Cullum-Dugan

At the end of the day,
how do you want to feel?

Many of us get through the day reaching only a minimum satisfaction we desire. Amidst our doubts and stream of could-of’s, should-of’s and if-only’s, and often physical and emotional pain, we try to summon the energy and the courage to change our eating habits, lose weight, become more active, and take charge of our health. 

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  • Inspired Yoga in Greater Boston with Diana Cullum-Dugan

    Yoga Therapy

    Yoga transforms us — physically, emotionally and mentally. We grow and shift on every level as we continue our practice.

    Yoga Therapy »

  • Yoga For Mindful Eating in Greater Boston with Diana Cullum-Dugan

    Yoga For Mindful Eating

    Explore your relationship with food, body image and emotions in a 7-week series to clear out old habits and behaviors.

    Yoga For Mindful Eating »

  • Expert Nutrition Counseling in Greater Boston with Diana Cullum-Dugan

    Nutrition Counseling

    Making appropriate food choices establishes and deepens your commitment to your health and well-energetic being and balance.

    Nutrition Counseling »

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Trail mix – the go-to slump zapper

November 11, 2014

That slump at 3pm every day? Means your body needs more calories, well, and maybe less sugar and caffeine and maybe eating a decent breakfast and lunch but those are a whole other blog post. Afraid of nuts? Think they are full of fat and calories and don’t really serve you well other than increasing the number on the scale? Think again. Nuts have staying power against hunger due to the role of protein and unsaturated fat, the kind of fat that protects your heart from disease by lowering the bad kind of cholesterol implicated in heart disease. Omega-3 fats, […]