Diana Cullum-Dugan

At the end of the day,
how do you want to feel?

Many of us get through the day reaching only a minimum of the satisfaction that we desire. Amidst our doubts and stream of ‘could-ofs, should-ofs and if-onlys’, and often physical and emotional pain, we try to summon the energy and the courage to change our eating habits, lose weight, become more active, and take charge of our health.

We wrestle to find that crucial balance — between the inner and outer self, mind and body, rest and activity.


Life’s experiences escalate and weigh on us, conceal our inner beauty and intentions for a better life, and lead us to dissatisfaction. Perhaps we gain weight, become a couch potato and stop paying attention to our body. We begin to feel inactive and “less than,” and poor eating habits only further drag us down. We are uncomfortable in our own skin. Our body image suffers. We feel unfulfilled at the deepest essence of our being.

We get in our own way.

I believe that inside of you, there is a Light of Inner Beauty— and that when you seek, find and acknowledge this Light, you also rediscover the love and serenity that dwells within.

The good news is that we can also learn to get out of our own way.

Namaste Nutrition offers you a way to banish the negative self-talk, harness your physical power, heal pain, and embrace a radiance that lays untapped deep within you. Through both proper body alignment and mindful eating techniques, this program can lead you to a peaceful place where every day you feel centered in yourself–clear, thoughtful and aware, fulfilled and accepting of who you are at the very core of your being. Through your choice of yoga sessions or nutrition consultations, you can live fully and unconditionally, nourishing your body in a healthy way that nourishes your spirit.

Are you ready to Align / Nourish / Reconnect? Continue your journey below…

  • Inspired Yoga in Greater Boston with Diana Cullum-Dugan

    Transformative Yoga

    Yoga transforms — physically, mentally and emotionally, we grow and shift as we continue our practice.

    Balanced energetic effort, a profoundly felt center of muscular integration combined with deep internal spacious extension, is the supportive foundation of the yoga that I teach. Skillful and creative sequencing prepares your body to go deeper into alignment in each pose, so you accept challenges with calm creativity on and off the mat. You experience an inspiring practice that leads to open awareness of your limitless possibilities.

    Yoga Inspirations »

  • Yoga For Mindful Eating in Greater Boston with Diana Cullum-Dugan

    Yoga For Mindful Eating

    A 7-week series aimed at clearing out old habits and behaviors in your relationship with food. Each week, we'll explore:

    • A mindfulness-based approach to eating
    • Using restorative yoga to bring healing to the body and the mind
    • Discovering our true sense of worth
    • Reconnecting to wellbeing in our body
    • Basking in delight in our relationship with food

    Yoga For Mindful Eating »

  • Expert Nutrition Counseling in Greater Boston with Diana Cullum-Dugan

    Nutrition Counseling

    Your physical body is fueled by the fruit of the earth. Making appropriate food choices every day establishes and deepens your commitment to your overall health and well-being (as well as your yoga practice) and develops energetic action and balance.

    Yet making changes can be challenging — many of us have a love/hate relationship with food.

    Nutrition Counseling »

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